Tom and Millie, Newcastle

We came to the lakes, t’was for my birthday 

High Borrans Lodges, that’s where wed stay

Pulled up to the grove, it looked on fleek

Everything was spot on, especially the sheep!

We ventured straight out, saw the odd lamb

Tomorrow wed see the sights, that was the plan

The alarm was snoozed, couldn’t get out of bed

Alas we must trek, off up to Orrest Head!

We made it to Lake Windermere, on the boat we toured

The next day we were back, now on the paddle board

The sun was shining, the view was immense 

But if you need to pee, you best have fifty pence!

So our time here is nearly up, say it isn’t so

Such an amazing trip, we don’t want to go

Weve loved every minute, you’ve earned another two fans

Huge thanks to Cathy, and all at High Borrans!